Are You Overdue for a Financial Review?

September 12, 2018

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We're more than halfway through 2018 – and when you stop to think about what’s happened so far this year, it’s easy to realize how quickly things can change.

If it’s been awhile since you met with your financial advisor, now would be a good time to schedule a review. Together, you can discuss any changes in your life as well as how the market’s recent performance may have impacted your strategies. You’ll walk through a process designed to help you:

  • Review your savings and spending to determine if any adjustments are needed
  • Evaluate your overall investment strategy to review asset allocation and diversification
  • Take advantage of tax savings by considering rebalancing or converting to a Roth IRA
  • Consider your estate to confirm beneficiary designations and evaluate your current life insurance needs

Even if you find you don’t need to make changes, it’s still important to evaluate your financial strategies on a regular basis to help ensure they’re still on track with your goals. Contact your branch team today to schedule your personal financial review.

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