How We Work Together: It’s All About You

Client meeting with financial advisor

When it comes to investing, what do you value? Before your financial advisor recommends any strategy, he or she wants to know:

  • Your goals - What would you like to achieve? Once your financial advisor knows your goals, he or she can develop a plan to help get you there.
  • Your comfort with risk - A solid strategy is one you can stick with through the inevitable ups and downs in the market.
  • How you’d like to work together - Do you want to be more hands-on with your investment decisions, or do you prefer some things, such as rebalancing, to happen automatically? Your financial advisor can offer you several options, allowing you to select the approach that works for you.

It takes a team

Your financial advisor enjoys the support of a team of investment professionals and strategists in our home office, all dedicated to developing the advice and guidance designed to help you reach your goals.

Support behind the scenes

Investment Policy Committee
Senior leaders and strategists who continually evaluate the investment environment to assess our market outlook, identify timely risks and opportunities and review strategies and guidelines
Product Review
A team responsible for conducting unbiased and objective analysis and review of new and existing investment types to ensure each meets our quality standards
Research Analysts
A team that performs ongoing due diligence and research on specific investments, developing recommendations on stocks, bonds and mutual funds

A long-term partnership

Markets, interest rates and life’s priorities may change – but your relationship with your financial advisor and his or her commitment to helping you achieve your goals won’t. Your financial advisor focuses on helping you achieve what’s most important to you, using an established process to build your personalized strategies and helping you stay on track by partnering together over the long term.

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