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8 Cyber Mistakes to Avoid

Man entering credit card information online

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and you can mark the occasion by taking this cyber awareness quiz. Which of the following scenarios could indicate fraud?

  1. A caller from a well-known company says your personal computer is infected with viruses – but he can fix it if you give him access to your system.
    Yes – Businesses have no way of knowing from a remote location whether your computer is malfunctioning.
  2. You meet someone online who proclaims his or her love for you – but then asks you for money.
    Maybe – People can claim to be anyone they want to be online. If someone needs your money, then the chances increase the person isn’t telling the truth.
  3. You stop by your favorite coffee shop to do a little online shopping.
    Maybe – Wi-Fi hot spots can be convenient, but if you’re on an unsecured network, other users can see what you see – and what you send.
  4. You receive an email stating that you’ve won a lottery – but you must pay various fees first.
    Yes – If you didn’t buy a ticket, it would be virtually impossible to win. And no legitimate lottery would ask for money before distributing your winnings.
  5. An acquaintance sends you an email with an attachment.
    Maybe – Does the email seem out of character for this person? If you’re suspicious, delete the email and contact your friend by another method.
  6. Your favorite retailer emails you a birthday coupon.
    No – But beware of unsolicited offers from companies with which you’ve done little or no business.
  7. You notice that the credit card reader on your gas pump looks odd.
    Yes – Someone may have attached a “skimmer” to the reader in order to steal credit card information.
  8. You’re the winning bidder in an online auction, but then the seller asks you to wire payment to another country.
    Yes – There are two red flags here: the request to wire funds and the switch in countries.

Reporting Cyber Theft

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