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Managing Stress: Older Adults and Their Families

By: Nela Richardson, Ph.D. April 01, 2020

Increased Stress

Over the past few weeks, it's likely your life has been greatly disrupted. The coronavirus pandemic may have you working from home, being asked to home school your children or caring for aging parents – or maybe even all three. You may feel pressure to contribute to communities, while also continuing to plan for you and your family's future, all while no one still quite knows what exactly the future holds. You're undoubtedly experiencing a lot of physical, emotional and financial stress, and rightfully so.

As the details of this pandemic unfold, there is so much information it can be difficult to find moments of clarity along with a sense of control. This can be especially difficult for older adults and their families as they navigate pandemic news, fears and the uncertainty of the global economy.

It doesn't matter where you are, whether you are sheltering at home or have a role critical to the situation, it's safe to say physical and financial health is right in the center of your thoughts and daily life.

Expert Advice

Two experts join us and offer insight into this, sharing what you can do right now to help you navigate the emotional and financial stress you may be coping with.

"This is a version of you that your kids or your neighbors will probably remember for decades to come. So give it your best shot.'"
Psychologist and gerontologist, author of 17 books and CEO of Age Wave, Dr. Ken Dychtwald

"We do expect the effects of this pandemic on the market to be temporary."
Investment strategist from Edward Jones, Nela Richardson

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