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Why Estate Strategies Are for Everyone

Whether you’re young or young at heart – and regardless of how much you have – you'd probably like your future personal and financial decisions to be handled in a particular way. That's how you create your legacy. What do you want it to be? Now is a good time to decide and take control of your financial future. We believe your strategy should include:

  • Planning for the expected
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Positioning your portfolio for both

In this short video, we meet a couple who has recently started putting a proactive strategy in place so that they are in control of their legacy – ensuring the most important items are cared for as they intend.

How we can help

Everyone's estate goals are different, so it's important to work with your financial advisor and team of legal and tax professionals to plan your estate in a way that is right for you and your family.

For more information or to open an account, set up a face to face meeting with the Edward Jones financial advisor in your community.

Important Information

Sharing of this content is a complimentary feature intended for use by clients and website visitors to communicate with their friends. It is not intended for use by Edward Jones associates for business communication purposes. 

Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your estate-planning attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation.

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