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Hurricane Sally

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Edward Jones Select Retirement Account

If you prefer a hands-on decision making approach, an Edward Jones Select Retirement Account lets you take that role when building and managing your portfolio. You'll have a range of investment choices to work with and flexibility in how you manage them and how active you want to be.

How we build your portfolio together

We'll provide the framework. You decide how you want to use it. Your financial advisor will work with you to provide guidance you can use to help build your portfolio based on your goals, comfort with risk and time horizon. How you choose to implement this guidance with your financial advisor is up to you – you make the decision on buys and sells.

Flexible investment choices

In an Edward Jones Select Retirement Account, you can build your portfolio with a range of investment choices that includes stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and annuities.

The initial minimum investment for a Select Retire¬ment Account is $5,000 in individual retirement assets, while purchases of annuities require at least a $10,000 minimum.*

Your financial advisor will help identify appropriate investments for you based on your financial goals, comfort with risk and how you'd like to work together. The investments Edward Jones recommends are evaluated by our experienced team of analysts and strategists, and emphasize our philosophy of quality investments, diversification and a long-term focus.

Staying on track

An important step in reaching your goals is ensuring your investments stay aligned to your goals and comfort with risk. You can work with your financial advisor to review your account and determine when and how you will rebalance or make changes in order to keep your portfolio on track. Additionally, online access and regular statements can you help stay as involved and informed as you'd like to be.

How you'll pay for services

You pay when you buy or sell certain investments. This may be in the form of a sales charge, commission (a percentage of the amount bought or sold) or a markup/markdown on the price of the investment (typically bonds). Your financial advisor will clearly explain all costs associated with any transaction or service.

Is this account right for you?

Contact a financial advisor.

Important Information:

*The Edward Jones Select Retirement Account is not available for pooled employer retirements plans. Contact your financial advisor to determine whether your retirement account is eligible.  For purposes of determining the Edward Jones Select Retirement Account minimums, individual retirement assets are calculated as the total amount in retirement assets one person holds in an Edward Jones relationship. A relationship refers to your accounts that have been grouped together based on a shared goal for planning purposes. Purchases of annuities in the Edward Jones Select Retirement Account require at least a $10,000 minimum.

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