Types of Fraud

Long-distance Relationship Scam
With this type of scam, you can unwittingly drain your own accounts. Learn more about long-distance relationship scams, including red flags and tips to protect yourself.

Identity Theft
Identity theft (and the more subtle synthetic identity theft) can destroy your credit and ruin your good name. Learn more about identity theft, including red flags and tips to protect yourself.

Protecting Mature Investors
Fighting financial fraud starts with education as well as communication. This information can help you to recognize possible issues, prevent fraudulent activity and protect yourself or a loved one if fraud does occur.

Lottery and Sweepstakes Scams
The idea of winning millions in a lottery can be exciting. If it sounds too good to be true, though, it probably is.

Phishing – pronounced “fishing” – is a high-tech scam that tries to “hook” people into divulging personal financial information. This information can help you recognize a phishing scam.

Overpayment Fraud
With overpayment fraud, a scammer may send you a counterfeit check and instruct you to keep a portion of the amount but wire back the remainder. If you receive an unsolicited check or money order, be suspicious: Companies and individuals don’t send money for no reason.

Inheritance Scams
Few people would turn down the unexpected financial windfall of a surprise inheritance. But what if this gift from a long-lost relative turns out to be a scam? 

Grandparent Scam
When a grandchild calls with a problem, the grandparent often feels compelled to help. But what if the voice on the other end of the line is a scam artist?

Computer Intrusion
Passwords and anti-virus software can help protect your computer – and the information that’s stored there. But what if someone were able to enter your computer without your knowledge?

Collection Fraud
Fraudsters love any scheme that can get you to pay money quickly. Learn how to spot and potentially avoid losing money to a collection fraud.

Credit and Debit Card Fraud
Credit and debit cards have become a way of life for most Americans. But sometimes, what is convenient for us is also convenient for a thief.

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