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Throughout the challenges of recent months, we’ve continued to safely serve investors’ needs. As we gradually reopen our offices to in-person appointments, our approach will be thoughtful and individualized to each location. Learn More

Hurricane Sally

If your Edward Jones branch is temporarily closed due to Hurricane Sally and you need assistance, please call Client Relations at 1-800-511-5768 (Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT).

Fraud Red Flags

Your money

  • A new "friend" who asks for funds to be wired to an unknown third party or to a country other than where the friend is located 
  • An urgent or outrageous reason for needing cash – for example, "I need money to get gold or my inheritance through customs" or "pay for a broken part on an oil rig"
  • Requests for cash-only donations or unfamiliar charities that spring up after a natural disaster
  • A request to pay for anything via bitcoin or gift cards 
  • A check made out for more than you were expecting, especially if the payer then asks you to wire back a portion of the proceeds
  • A request to pay money to get money or a required upfront payment of fees or maintenance costs, including when selling a timeshare  
  • High paying work from home jobs that require up-front payment for a computer, software or training

Your correspondence

  • A letter indicating you are a "winner" of a sweepstakes when you didn’t enter a contest 
  • Notification from an overseas bank or law firm of an inheritance from an unknown relative
  • Telephone calls from the IRS or other government agencies requesting a payment 
  • An email containing spelling errors, bad grammar or a link that appears unrelated to the sender 
  • Calls from purported computer technicians alleging they’ve detected a virus or other problems on your home computer. These notifications could also include emails, attachments or pop up screens on your computer

Your identity

  • Statements that don’t arrive as expected 
  • The Social Security Administration contacting you to advise your Social Security number was used in a crime, has been frozen, or will be deleted
  • Unexpected credit cards or account statements, or collection calls or letters about purchases you didn’t make 
  • Denials of credit for no apparent reason or significant, unexplained changes in your credit score 
  • Requests for personal information in a situation that usually wouldn’t require this disclosure

For older adults

  • Concern or confusion about missing funds from an account 
  • Unexplained changes in beneficiary designations 
  • A caregiver who isolates the older person from family, friends, community and other stable relationships 
  • Acquaintances or family members who seem overly interested in the older adult’s finances

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